• Evaluate extensive market media studies
  • Web-based, platform-independent, available for all current browsers
  • No installation and administration tasks necessary
  • Software and data are always up to date
  • Security through SSL encryption and password-protected accounts
  • Advanced user administration
  • Intuitive usage via Drag & Drop
  • Instant Results – results are updated after every operation
  • All results available as chart, powerpoint and excel file
  • Multilingual
  • Evaluation of own studies possible
  • Learn more about M-Cloud
Screenshot of targetgroups in M-Cloud

Target Groups

Create target groups by adding attributes from the code plan to your evaluation. Complex target groups can be defined by using logical operators.

Screenshot of tabulation in M-Cloud


Insert target groups and attributes from the code plan directly into the spreadsheet - as basis of the table, as target group in the pre-column, or as target group in the table header.

Screenshot of a ranking table in M-Cloud


The ranking table can be build dynamically by drag-and-drop operations. Selected media, characteristics and their order can be changed at any time.

Screenshot of a media plan in M-Cloud

Media Plan

The media of the ranking table along with all specifications are used as plan candidates for the media plan .

Screenshot of regio function in M-Cloud


Regio supports detailed planning with ma Tageszeitungen at regional levels. An interactive cartography enables the definition of planning areas down to municipal levels.

Screenshot of export function in M-Cloud


You can output your data from any area directly to Excel or PowerPoint.

Screenshot of chart function in M-Cloud


With the chart module, the results of the analyses can be displayed graphically in just a few steps. The exported charts can be edited in Excel or PowerPoint.

Logos of studies available in M-Cloud


In M-Cloud, you have access to all relevant market media studies: AWA, AQ, b4p, b4t, KMS, LAE, ma Audio, ma Intermedia PLuS, ma Pressemedien, ma Tageszeitungen, VUMA. For some studies a license is required.

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